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Introduction: Led Matrix IR Controlled With Arduino for Saint Valentines's

I did this heart with leds when I saw this instructable.

The main difference is that I've done as a matrix "7x6" although there are some holes in the matrix.

Step 1: Materials

All I needed was:

  • 27 difused red leds.
  • 2 prototyping boards.
  • 1 plinth for ATMega328P
  • Solderer and soldering tin.
  • 1 paperboard box.
  • IR remote control receiver and transmitter

And I start welding

Step 2: Leds

When I finished the matrix, I started with the basic box.

Step 3: Box

I used a milk box. Maybe it was so big.

Step 4: ATMega328P Internal Clock

After testing the matrix, I programmed the Arduino to use the microcontroller with its internal clock. Then I join the boards and I put the ATMega328P in the plinth.

Step 5: Voltage Input and IR Receiver

I used and USB cable to connect the ATMega328P to 5V.

Then I glued the plate to the box and wired the IR receiver.

Step 6: Finish

In the Arduino code there is the blink function which I implemented after recording the video.

I hope you like it.

Thanks you for watching!

Step 7: Wooden Case

New case made of wood



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    Yes, only the ATMega328P. First, you have to configure it to enable the 8MHz internal clock instead of 16MHz clock, which is in the Arduino Board.

    Very good and nice. Can u add the step how to make it by vidoes

    1 reply

    Thank you. I'm so sorry but I don't have videos about the soldering process.