This was a quick easy way to make paper Mache. you can do anything you want i did this and also a Bioshock 2 logo as well. all you need is:
  • cardboard
  • utility knife or small carving knife
  • green painters tape
  • newspaper
  • water and flour to make the glue
  • assorted paints

this piece cost me probably $40 but that's because i had to buy paint

Step 1: Left 4 Dead 2 Paper Mache Logo

Picture of Left 4 Dead 2 Paper Mache Logo
First step i printed the logo i was going to do off the internet. then i made the hand. i used rolled and balled newspaper and green painters tape to form it.
It looks like a poster with 3d parts, wich is really cool!
flapper5013 years ago
Although, I never have played left for dead 2
floppyty (author)  flapper5013 years ago
Right on thank you and you should play it fun gun