Hello, and welcome to my first tutorial! I decided to be a bride witch from L4D this year for Halloween, and after seeing a few tutorials on how to accomplish a witch-hand look, I decided that I'd rather try my hand at making my own from cheap things I found lying around the house. Honestly, I didn't leave my house in search of fake nails nor party blowers ;)

Things you shall need:

+ Masking Tape
+ Thin wire that you can bend easily
+ Napkins
+ Acrylic paints: Black, Burgundy, Red, and one that resembles your skin tone
+ Scissors
+ (Optional) Faux Blood

I hope you can make use of my tutorial, and feel free to experiment with using different textures, adding some ModgePodge, and such. I'm sure your fingers will turn out gruesomely fantastic!

Step 1: Making the Finger

Here, you shall need the Napkin (One), the Wire (However long you want, but the witch has long finger-claws), and the Masking Tape.

For napkins, you can use any type, really. I used the kind that they have at cheap restaurants: the rectangular kind with the fold down the center of its length. I taped the wire that I had already cut to my desired length down the middle, length-wise. Leave a little bit hanging out of the bottom, this little 'tail' of wire will come in handy later. Also, leave a longer 'tail' coming out from the top. This will serve as an ending point that isn't as wide as the finger part, because it'll be the sharp claw.

Once you have finished taping the wire to the napkin, roll the napkin starting from one side of the width, going all the way to the other side. It'll only take a few turns, but you can make the fingers any width you want to fit your own fingers well.

Tape the rolled napkin closed so that you can continue. Now, using short strips of the masking tape (short strips are easier to work with), tape the entire finger [Image 2]. Bend the wire as you tape it all, bending at the joints where they would normally be, as if these were real fingers (She was human once, after all). Lave the bottom tail of wire sticking out, still. Make the top pointy by gradually making the finger thinner as you near the top.

Cut two smallish slits into the sides at the bottom, going from the bottom to top, not side-to-side. By doing this, it will ensure snugness when the claws are on. Try it on, and adjust to your comfort as needed. [Image 3]
could you make a tutorial in youtube .. im a filipino sori if i couldnt understand other stuffs but pls do a tutorial in youtube yy :DD
Also, please do not be sorry for not understanding; it is in English, so it is perfectly alright that it is difficult to read and understand. Be proud of who you are, dear! :)
I shall do my very best to do that, llucas ii! :) I will let you know when I make one.
wow, this tutorial is awesome! It's also quite the costume, very good, keep up the great work!
Hehee, thank you very, very much! I shall keep doing my best! :D

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