I found a slick way to convert any right-handed knitting video into a left-hander's!! It will work for any how-to video showing a right-handed person performing a task.

When I was learning how to knit, I found it nearly impossible to find any 'good' videos on how to knit left-handed. Most sources claim that knitting right-handed should be easy even if you are left-handed. Well, I say, good for those people, as someone who is left-handed, I cannot get knitting right-handed down.

Whether you are a left-handed person who is learning to knit or you want to learn a different stitch? You can watch any knitting how-to video made for right-handers!!

More from me @ http://disagreedisobey.wordpress.com/

Step 1: Download and Install Chrome

<p>I've also tried sitting across the table from someone who is right-handed and try to watch them... resulting in only confusion. I'm hoping that this will help someone else who is left-handed and has found it challenging to learn to knit from right-handers ;-)</p>
<p>Clever tip! I never knew that this option existed. </p>
Nice tip! I taught myself how to knit from a book with a left handed section, but I haven't been able to figure out crochet yet
<p>I learned a lot at <a href="http://newstitchaday.com/">http://newstitchaday.com/</a> using the flip this! extension.</p><p>The authors of this site offer crochet videos as well as knitting!!</p>
<p>Why not just watch it in a mirror?</p>

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