Picture of Left, Right - Directional Driving Aid (Funny Useful Gift)
Someone once complimented my driving skills, but the second after mentioned how terrible my sense of direction is.  As the usual designated driver, I have to be more competent than my inebriated friends. 

"LEFT, RIGHT, NO YOUR OTHER LEFT..." is something I usually hear and I've gotten used to being teased.  I must add that I'm left handed, so I've always given the excuse that my left is MY RIGHT...and so on (JOKINGLY of course).  So, I was thinking that I could find my own solution, and I came up with this nifty aid.  I mean, directionally challenged can only be funny the first 4 times, then it really is a problem. 

This is a way of me poking fun of the situation and solving the problem.  I mean no offense to anyone and I hope you all find this as nifty as I do.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need:

A Ruler
Velcro strips
A piece of fabric larger than 6"x4"
Needle and Thread
White acrylic paint
hot glue
framistan2 years ago
My wife is directionally challenged. My wife is also left handed. Thank you for helping me to have some understanding of her situation. I always knew she is not "stupid". It has been a mystery to me why someone doesn't know their left from their right. I like your instructable... and i am very tempted to affix these to her steering wheel.... No.. maybe i better not.
atepinkrose (author)  framistan2 years ago
btw, my husband thought it was funny...he said, "I knew you said you were going to do this, but I didn't really believe you."
atepinkrose (author)  framistan2 years ago
well only if she see it the way I do. It helps me. :)