Leftover Chicken Surprise #2





Introduction: Leftover Chicken Surprise #2

Another quick-to-make recipe I enjoy with all of my leftovers, here is my awesome #2 Chicken Quesadilla that I made (in less than twenty minutes).
  1. Slice all your chicken! Thin slices go a long, long way when making the most out of a little meat. When you're too poor and you just have one chicken breast, you can still make 2-4 quesadillas. Or a couple of sandwiches. OR a salad that lasts a couple of days!
  2. Add whatever vegetable you have to supplement your meat, or go wild and make just the meat! I added onions this time, for availability and monetary purposes. I try to add something, just to give it some fiber, and a different texture.
  3. Frying Pan! Sprinkle on dashes of your favorite seasonings! My all-time favorite is mesquite flavoring. Salty, a little sweet, peppery, etc.
  4. Whip out those Tortillas. Grab that grated cheese. You can even warm up your tortilla on the other burner while you heat up your leftover surprise. Take a scoop of your fried concoction and spread it into your tortilla. Sprinkle that cheese all over it too. It'll melt with the heat.
  5. Roll em up, eat em up! I can eat these things all darn day!



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