Picture of Leftover Fried Chicken Sandwich

There's not much better than a day spent at the beach with friends, family, a cooler of beer and fried chicken.

The wings and drumsticks go first, the thighs get fed to the seagulls and crabs, and if anything is left over, it's the breasts.

So the next day, when you're too sore and sunburned to cook, use them to make a fried chicken sandwich.

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Step 2: Tomato

Picture of Tomato
chicken fried 014.JPG

Got to have a tomato.  This one is just a little over ripe, but is locally sourced from a family owned produce market (Can you smell the smug?).

Slice that 'mater into nice quarter inch slices.

Yes you can use lettuce if you like, heaven knows why you would want to.

Step 3: The Roll

You can't just serve this on white bread!

I'm using a artisan bread known as a  bolillo, a Central American version of the baguette. I get these from a small local baker who stone grinds his flour in small batches for each loaf.

Just kidding, I got these at Walmart.

Step 5: Put a top on it

Picture of Put a top on it

Nobody likes an open face sandwich.

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red-king4 years ago
looks tasty. The breast is the best part of any bird.