Picture of Leftover Fried Chicken Sandwich

There's not much better than a day spent at the beach with friends, family, a cooler of beer and fried chicken.

The wings and drumsticks go first, the thighs get fed to the seagulls and crabs, and if anything is left over, it's the breasts.

So the next day, when you're too sore and sunburned to cook, use them to make a fried chicken sandwich.

Step 1: Bone the chicken

Picture of Bone the chicken
chicken fried 011.JPG
chicken fried 012.JPG

This is really simple, just yank that big hunk of meat off the bone with you bare hands, feels good doesn't it?  Kinda primitive and barbaric.  Be sure to try to keep all that luscious crispy skin intact.

Now slice that meat up and set aside.

red-king4 years ago
looks tasty. The breast is the best part of any bird.