So my sister made homemade pizza. Nuuumy. But she made too much dough somehow. There was quite a bit left over. I was going to eat it, but she said it would rise in my stomach and make me sick. Since I have eaten tons of pizza dough before with no ill effects, I doubted her, but I did something else with the extra dough anyway.

I made a pie.

Step 1: The bottom half

Divide your hunk of dough into two roughly equal parts.

Set one aside, and flatten the other one out and put it in the bottom of your pie dish.
more monk hands!
Wow, all that hard work on the top and you never ate it. I bet that would have been good pie too. I looks like it turned out really good for bread dough. Good idea Adrian! I love pie.
I know! I was really mad, I had no idea it had gone bad already...I was actually planning on eating it that day...:( oh well. Thanks! I love pie too.
Adrian your crazy, wanting to eat raw dough, and not eating a tasty pie like that .. Nice Ible but you could of got some pictures of the top going on with both hands, whats wrong with your feet ?? <<G>> No A lattice top is annoying to do, I like to do them on parchment paper and flip it fast and hope it lands where you want it on the pie, but pastry is easier to work with then bread dough... (( ya some don't always work as intended, but it's ok to make rustic looking pies ))
It was really hot, and it spoiled in just under two days (I think it was only two days)! I didn't realize it had gone bad already.
So the heat really does make people do crazy things .. <<G>>
As I ignored the meaning of &quot;leftover&quot; and did not remembered the meaning of &quot;dough&quot;, I thought it was the twist of a pizza and a pie (tomatoes sauce mixed with strawberry) ... and I was wondering where was the cheese and the olives ...<br/><br/>But now, everything is clear in my mind =o)<br/><br/><sub>When I have a leftover of dough, I generally make long strip and boil them into water (to make pasta) =o)</sub><br/>
Lol! That's a good idea! I'll have to try that to make pasta!
PIES!!!!! Thanks, Adrian!!!! Now I can transform my pie-hating, pizza-loving brother's pizza into...... PIES!!!!! P.S: Can you tell me how to write in big letters?
Surround text with = signs.<br/>
Thanks, Adrian!
Okay, put two commas in front of and after your text. For more cool text tricks, see NachoMahma's orangeboard.
Thankies! ur da best!
You're welcome. :)
Now, can you tell me how to write in small letters? ( Please! Pretty please! With sugar and whipped cream on top? )
Well.... how was it?
It sat out and spoiled before I had the chance to eat it! >:( But the filling and pizza crusts from the pizza my sister made was very yummy.

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