For dad's birthday this year I thought I would make him a cake of the leg lamp from A Christmas Story. It's one of his favourite movies so I thought I'd give it a try. I've never attempted a cake like this so here was my go at it.

For this cake you will need the following :

parchment paper
red, yellow, black and brown gel food colouring
chocolate chips
fondant (I used premade)
rice krispy squares (also premade)
two 16x24 cakes

Step 1:

I cut out a piece of parchment paper the size of my pan to draw the leg lamp shape and use as a guide for myself. I used about 12 premade rice krispy squares to mold and shape over my drawing to make sure I kept with proper proportions. My fear was that I would make one part too big or too long and then run out of space for the rest of the leg but as long and you place your sculpture over your reprence every so often you shouldn't run into this problem.

Once I was happy with my leg I covered it in a thin coat of cream cheese icing and put it in the fridge to set up.
Christmas story is me and my family's favorite movies. besides godzillla and studio ghibli movies. very creative! i love the leg lamp, though i wouldn't want one in MY living room. <br> looks very Tasty!
Thanks!!! ahah that's so funny because very Christmas and every birthday I think of how funny it would be to get a leg lamp for my dad...the only catch would be having to have the lamp in our house ahah
Leg Lamp FTW!!!
LOL! This is wonderfully hilarious! And you did such an amazing job :) I really like the use of coconut here!
ahaha thank you!! :)

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