Leg Wheel Hybrid Vehical


Introduction: Leg Wheel Hybrid Vehical

About: Scientia est potentia

a Hybrid design of the classic car wheel design and the modern theo jansen mechanism legs
main body is acrylic and uses a modified s3003 servo as the engine.



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    one word: AWESOME! that is the coolest thing i have ever seen. its the only thing like this i have ever seen! awesome man, just pure awesome

    DUDE! There is a LOT going on in that construction. Nice work! If you do post an Instructable, please note where you get the materials. Several months ago I started a wheel project and looked for weeks to get the right wheels. I finally gave up on it.

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    thanks all the parts i used can easily be purchased at hobbytown usa and ace hardware. the wheels are three inch airplane landing gear wheels, the long leg pieces are aluminum tubes and the rest of the body and legs are acrylic.

    That is great - how about posting an ible?

    And why not build it into a model, say a raptor pulling a trailer, or a man with a wheelbarrow?

    (And does it need that central wheel? Wouldn't it walk more smoothly without it?)

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    i may post an instructable soon as i plan to rebuild it better and with better materials and a few improvements, but a theme would be a good idea. maybe a chariot or something... i originally did design it without the rear wheel but during testing the stress on the servo was too great so i added it. it ended up actually working better because its able to roll a bit after the leg has pushed it

    kool would like to see a build ible of this :3