Introduction: LegacyROM in GPD XD Android Portable

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The GPD XD is an clam shell portable game console similar to the Nintendo 3DS XL but running Android. It can run apps from the Play store, allowing you to rung emulators and games.

It's stock ROM has is fine but if you want it optimized, you should install LegacyROM. This instructable will show how to do that.

PD XD Android 64GB

GPD XD Android 16GB

GPD XD Android 32GB

GPD XD case

Step 1: LegacyROM

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LegacyROM is a custom ROM that removes most of the unnecessary apps that came with the XD and give you stock android launcher will few apps. You can then install your own emulators and games. It will be rooted and allow for better compatibility since it'll spoof itself as a Nexus 5.

Step 2: Download LegacyROM

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First thing is to download LegacyROM

The 1.8ghz NULL joystick version is fine. (Do NOT download the newMALI version)

You then want to decompress the .RAR file

Inside the folder there should be a file called UPDATE.IMG

Copy UPDATE.IMG to a microSD card that is smaller than 16GB

Step 3: Insert MicroSD Card

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Put the microSD card that has UPDATE.IMG into your GPD XD in the back.

It should ask you if you want to install it

You should make sure that your GPD XD is fully charged

Step 4: Install LegacyROM

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The system should reboot itself and begin installing LegacyROM

It'll take 10mins or so and also optimize apps

Step 5:

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Once it's done, it'll ask you what launcher you want to use as default.

You can check to make sure it's running LegacyROM by going into the Settings - About page

You know have LegacyROM installed.

GPD XD Android 64GB

GPD XD Android 16GB

GPD XD Android 32GB

GPD XD case


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