Step 6: Making your own patterns!:

Making your own patterns from retro video games is quick and easy!

1. Decide what game you want to use and do a quick image search for that games “sprite sheet”.

For example: If I wanted to make a pattern for Tetris coasters, I would go to Google or Yahoo images and search “Tetris sprite sheet”.

The websites below collect sprite sheets from all different games, so you might want to start by going there and seeing if they already have the game you are looking for:


2. Once you have a sprite or a sprite sheet image, right click on it and save it to your computer.

3. Next, go to the saved image on your computer, right click on it again, and open it up in Microsoft Paint.

4. Once you have the image open in Paint, go to view and make sure the “Gridlines” are turned on.

5. Then, just zoom all the way in on the photo, and you should see the image broken down into perfectly counted pixels. And that’s it! That’s your pattern!

From there, use your Perler Beads to build the image on your base plate, 1 bead per pixel. Then, use extra beads to fill in the back ground and make it into whatever size or shape coaster you'd like!

I hope that explanation was easy to understand.
If you have any other question, feel free to contact me! :)