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Introduction: Legend of Zelda Cosplay Group!

About: Recent graduate of post secondary. I have a BFA in Drama and work in theatre. I am an avid sewer when I am not working. Most of my projects have been in the cos-play area of costuming but I have done quite ...

So this is the completed costumes for three Legend of Zelda costume I made. The props were done by my sister and I did the costume. The only bought items were the shoes. Zelda was the only costume I had no hand in making.

This is my first time posting anything. Hopefully I will have a instructable up for foam weapons eventually.

These costumes were made for two different anime conventions.

The pattern for the tunic I took from a shirt my sister already had.
The Chain mail is actually a fabric.

Patters came out of my head for that, who can say I am wrong as Navi is usually around 20 pixels. Lol

Gerudo Warrior:
I altered a pattern and made the rest up.

Props are all hand made. They are Styrofoam that is coated with a industrial rubber spray. It makes them super light yet very durable which I proved by unintentionally making the wings very close to the width of a door frame.



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    Awesome costumes!! Love them!

    Congratulations, Internet high five. "It's dangerous to go alone, take this." *Hands an internet cookie.*

    I love them, they're really well made.
    Cosplaying is so much fun!

    Oh my gosh! I Love the Navi person! The Giant text bubble is hilarious!

    All the costumes are awesome by the way, but I felt the need to point out the Navi one, as the speech bubble just makes the costume awesome.

    3 replies

    Thanks. I loved how Navi turned out. The sign was just way too much fun not to have.

    Always happy to meet another zelda nerd. >.<

    Great detailing on the shield as well. :0)

    Geez I'm such a Zelda nerd. :0D