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In this extremely easy tutorial. I will run you through the process of how I made this simple yet in depth and effective Hylian shield from Legend of Zelda.

Step 1: Template

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The first step in the process is to get a rough template of what you are going to be creating.
I folded a large sheet of paper in half and then drew what I thought would be a good shield size.
After cutting it out, I was very happy with the results.
I then looked at some reference images and began to cut the details that are on the shield. I cut out every item from paper as a template.

Step 2: Cutting and Forming

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I then decided to cut out the base and rim edge from half inch EVA foam. This was done by tracing the template I made and then cutting it with an X-acto knife.
Once this was done. I used some contact cement and glued the edges of the rim together to form the main basis around the shield.
I then used a heat gun to heat the base EVA foam and formed it into a bowed shape around a soccer ball.

Step 3: Painting

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After all the contact cement had dried. I painted the base in blue spray paint and the edge of silver. Allow this to dry for a couple hours.

Step 4: Gluing and Painting

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I then glued down the edge of the shield to the base after the paint had dried.
This was done using contact cement. I then cut out the smaller pieces from 3mm craft foam and painted them.
Once dried I glued them to the shield as well.

Step 5: Weathering and Damage

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You can stop before this step if you'd like. you'd have a perfectly normal crisp shield.
but if you're anything like me.
You'd want a cool battle worn shield that's been used in fights all across Hyrule.

I used a dremel and a knife to tear the shield up. I did long cuts and rips to resemble cuts and blows.

Once these were done I used don't black and brown paint and weathered it. i would put paint on the cuts and crevasses and then use a towel to wipe off the extra leaving the print in the cracks. I did this over the whole piece.

Step 6: Extra

Picture of Extra

I made an arrow out of a bamboo stick and used white foam to make the feathers. my brother gave me the idea of putting an arrow in the shield to resemble damage.

I also used some silver beads to put on the outside edge of the shield.

Step 7: Finished

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Once these steps have been followed and a strap is glued to the back you have your very own Hylian shield!
Now go defend Hyrule!


Folda Fett (author)2017-12-29

Wow! It looks so easy to make the way you showed it. I am seriously thinking of cosplaying as Link so this is a must! Do you have like a printable template I could use? I suppose I could just get images off the internet for the shield designs.

chechos84 (author)2017-12-20

Looks Bad-Ass! :D

Sentient Meat (author)chechos842017-12-21


inconceivable1 (author)2017-12-20

nice! looks profesional

thank you!!

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