In our house, we are huge Legend of Zelda fans. My granddaughter is not a fan of Disney Princess's, so when I was designing her bedroom I decided to build it around Legend of Zelda. The bed is so cool that I've had grownups ask me to build one for them! The bed is a built in bunk bed. So she always has an extra bed when friends come to visit. The castle is made from MDF and attached to the framework of the bunk bed. Using this design you could build any type of themed bed, fire truck, transformer, etc.

Because the whole piece is based on the room/wall size, I won't be giving you exact measurements. These will vary in your room.

This is also my first "instructable" so please if you have any questions or I've left something out, ask and I'll give you the answer. :)

Materials used:

1 8ft 4x4
2 sheets 4x8 MDF
joist hangers
hinges for door

various decorations

Step 1: Hyrule Bed

The first step would be to clean out the room. If you need to paint the wall around the bed, now is the time. You also need to make make any repairs to the wall or floor at this time. After the bed is built it's almost impossible to get in the frame work to paint or repair or do anything to the floor.

Also you will need to make sure you have the mattress that you want to use for the top and the bottom bunk. You will need the sizes to build the frame.
They'll remember very little of what you buy them and forget very little of what you made them.
<p>Very true, I'm 52 and still remember the presents my parents made but would struggle to remember what was bought, and my mother still remembers the items her father made for her, and that was 70yrs ago.</p>
This is true. My oldest is 29 and she still remembers things I made her long after I've forgotten about them. :)
Wait a second, THREE generations of Zelda fans?
:) Yep, 3 generations of Zelda fans. I started it...my daughter fell in love with the game and now my granddaughter!
This is amazing! I really wish this was my bed i'm so jealous. :(
:) Thanks....I've had other grown ups want me to build it for them.
What a cute castle bed! I went to your DIY on a budget site and wanted to leave a comment on some of your projects. Loved the cute toy storage out of the chest and the nice workspace you came up with for yourself. But when I went to post the comment it said I had not done the capcha (I think that is what it is called) but there wasn't one available. Could me my computer doing weird things again! :) Anyway, love your work! Have FUN!
Ahhh thank you! How nice of you! Thank you for letting me know about my comments being messed up. I'll fix that! :) I have a lot of projects still to add. Trying to get the hang of the blogging thing too. :) Anyway, Thanks a BUNCH! :)
That is uber awesome and I am loving the pink walls!!!
That was my granddaughter one &quot;must have&quot; in her room. The walls HAD to be pink, since I'm a big fan of pink, I was totally okay with it. The wall across the bed has huge flowers painted on it. :)
Sounds very awesome :)
Here are the flowers I painted on her wall.
Very beautiful :D
Amazing work, I'm sure she'll enjoy and remember this for a long time to come.
Thanks so much for the kind words. All her friends think she has the coolest room ever.

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