Legend of Zelda String Art





Introduction: Legend of Zelda String Art

Well this is my first Instructable so I hope it all makes sense. You could make anything you wanted with these directions. My next one will be Mario. Lets Begin!

Step 1: Gather Supplies

  1. (1)Foam poster board
  2. (1)Picture Frame (I used 8X10)
  3. (1)Package of nails (Craft Nails can be used I used wire nails size 1/2X19, item # 532392. I bought them at Lowes)
  4. Transfer paper (I used saral, which contains many colors and i used yellow)
  5. Thread
  6. Knife or box cutter
  7. Pen with a whole in the cap(I ended up holding the cap without the pen) or mechanical pencil.)(I borrowed this image from


  8. And most important a copy of the image of your choosing to the correct size.

Step 2: Set Up the Background

  1. Take apart your frame.
  2. Trace the glass onto your foam poster board
  3. Use your knife and cut out the foam board
  4. Put foam board into frame and attach the back of frame back on.

Step 3: Trace Your Pattern/Add Your Nails

  1. Follow your tracing paper instructions.
  2. Start adding your nails
  3. While adding nails I started on right and worked my way left. Be careful that you do not complete each section at a time because it will be difficult to add your nails. add them however it is comfortable for you. I have big fingers and had a bit of a difficult time until I found a good rhythm for putting them down. Every one will be different.

Step 4: And Now the Hard Part... Adding the String.

  1. Tie your string around one nail
  2. Then weave the string back and forth around the nails. It doesn't really matter how you weave them.
  3. Be Careful not to pull the string tOo tight. It can pull out the nails. Also make sure you keep a decent pressure or the string will unwind.
  4. I chose to go back around after I was all done and only weave the outsides so that it was more defined and had an outline.
  5. The hardest part is tying it off. I don't really have a good way to do it. The only suggestion I have is to put your finger on top of the nail you are wrapping it around so that it doesn't come off. Tie the knot at least twice.
  6. Cut off any tails.
  7. Repeat for each section.



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    how did you wrap the strings?

    i just twisted it around the nail then went to the next nail.

    My Mario String art I talked about trying!