Step 5: Finish the Body

Picture of Finish the Body
Picture 1 - Fill in the Sides
Okay, I'm going to be blunt. Even though you're going to keep doing pretty much the exactly what you were doing before when you made the Triforces and the base, this is "The Hard Part." This is where a lot of people give up, especially if this is their first chainmaille project that isn't a bracelet. They give up because this is the most boring and tedious part of the entire process. It's just green. Green, green and yet more green.
I know it sounds odd, but it's true. I've seen it a million times.
But you have to muscle through it. Trust me, you'll be downright excited when the bag shape starts to set in! I have been making chainmaille full-time, professionally, for seven years. I have lost count of how many shirts, bags and bikinis I've made. Even for me, this is The Hard Part. But I've done this enough times and taught enough people to know that once this part is done, the rest is smooth sailing. You will smile when you put your almost-finished bag over your hand, and all the tedium will be totally worth it.
So open a ton of green rings, and start adding them in.

Picture 2 - Finish the Body
We're almost done! You need two plain rows of green rings on the top. 80 more rings, and the main body is finished. So do it!

Did you make a bigger bag?
You might need more rows up top. Take your dice and put them in your bag. If they don't fit, add another row or two until they do. Be sure to have a few rows over the top level of your dice so you have enough room when you close your bag, and so you can add more dice.
chainmaille bikinis?
RabbitDance (author)  thecyberking2 years ago
Yep. Many, many bikinis. Including the bottoms!
Medelle2 years ago
This isn't the part I find tedious... OPENING JUMP RINGS I find tedious. Seriously - I'm having nightmares about it.