Step 6: Put in Decrease Rows

Picture of Put in Decrease Rows
Seriously, you only have four more rows to go. This step covers two. Yes, the pink rings have returned, but this time they're showing you where to put your Decreases.

Picture 1 - Row 1 - Add a Decrease Ring
Take a ring and thread it through THREE rings instead of the two you've been doing this whole time. Close it. You have now decreased your number of rings on this row by 1 ring.

Picture 2 - Row 1 - Add More Decrease Rings
1. Take three more rings and add them in as Decrease Rings. Space them evenly.
2. Fill in the spaces between them to complete your row. You should have 36 rings when you're done.

Picture 3 - Row 2 - Add in Decrease Rings
Instead of adding in a plain row like we did with the expansions, this time we're going to decrease again. Take 4 rings and space them out as evenly as you can between the other decreases. You don't want a seam or weird bunching happening when you add in your drawstring later!

Picture 4 - Row 2 - Fill in the gaps.
Fill in the gaps between your expansion rings. You should have 32 rings when you're done.

"But why 4 rings? Isn't 8 the magic number here?"
Well, if we just did an 8-ring decrease row the opening would get really small, really fast. It sounds strange, but something as simple as that could mean the difference between whether or not you can fit your hand in it. The top of the bag should have a more conical shape as opposed to being flat like the bottom. If you've made a larger bag than what I have here, you may need to add in a few more decrease rows. Just try to space the decrease rings out as evenly as possible, and make sure the opening doesn't get too small. You want to be able to put your fingers in and get things out. But no matter what size of bag you're making, you need decrease rows so the sides don't fall down on your bag like a pair of ill-fitting pants when you loosen the drawstring.