Step 7: Add in Tabs

Picture of Add in Tabs
Yes, tabs. Only two more rows to make these little tabs, and they're not even full rows! You're in the home stretch! ^_^ Just don't get so excited that you lose focus. This is where people rush and make mistakes. Keep your closures nice and flush. It's the finishing that counts!

Picture 1 - Tab One
1. To make a tab, take 3 rings and add them on.
2. Add 2 rings to the top. That's it!

Picture 2 - Base of Tabs 2 and 3
This is to illustrate how you space your tabs.
1. Add three more rings, but do NOT share any rings with the first tab. You are effectively skipping a space.
2. Finish the tab if you want.
3. Add three more rings, again skipping a space and not sharing rings with the base of Tab 2.

Picture 3 - Finish Your Tabs
Continue as before, adding in tabs. You should have 8 tabs when you're done.

"What's with the tabs?" you ask.
The tabs allow the top to close really tightly and open widely. If you just threaded the drawstring in the decrease row under the tabs, you would have 32 rings trying to bunch around the drawstring. This leaves a hole that things could potentially drop out of. A pouch isn't much good unless it offers some security for its contents. It's also not much good if you can't get things out of it. Adding decrease rows down to the 16 rings that you end up with on the tabs isn't a good idea, either. You probably wouldn't be able to get things out of your bag very easily. The tabs open up like a flower when you loosen the drawstring, so you can hunt around and get out what you want, or at least easily pour out the contents. And you want two rings at the top of each tab.  A single ring might have too much stress on it and could eventually wear out. Two rings will share the load, and your bag should last for years!