Step 9: Final Thoughts & Resource List

Picture of Final Thoughts & Resource List
I hope you had fun making this bag!

The techniques I've outlined here - Increasing, decreasing, and inlays - Can be used to make dozens of different projects. The other pictures here are just a few examples of things I have made using these techniques. If you can make this bag, you can make these!

Picture 1 - The Bag - Inlay, Circular Expansions, Decreases
Picture 2 - Standard Maille Coif - Circular Expansions
Picture 3 - Crest of Hyrule Wall Hanging - Inlay
Picture 4 - Hot Rod Flame Bikini - Expansions, Decreases, Inlay

And if this is your first chainmaille project, Congrats! I hope you're itching to make more. ^_^

Here are some resources to help out:
The Ring Lord - Supplier of rings. This is where I got the rings I used to make this project. There are lots of others (and with much lower shipping costs - The Ring Lord is in Canada) but I really like their color selection. I would also like to mention their forum. It's a great place to talk maille, show your work, and ask questions.
Ogre Rings - A Pittsburgh ring supplier, and great place to buy (by the POUND!) spring tempered stainless steel. But be warned - Spring temper fights back! - THE place to go and learn about all things chainmaille! Weave library, ring fabrication articles, forums...  Just go and join up.
Irregular Grid Painter - A free download that lets you paint on chainmaille-patterend graph paper. This is great for more complex inlays, and to test out what your image might look like before you make it. Although I usually just print out blank maille paper in the ring size I plan on using and draw out my pattern by hand. Still, a great program and super-handy for doing inlay work.
And of course, right here on Instructables! There's plenty of great maille resources here, just search "Chainmaille". ^_^

If you want to see more of my work, you can check out my deviantART page or my Etsy Shop

Feel free to ask questions in the Comments section. I'll try to help out as best I can.
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cryptex2 years ago
loving the bikini