Step 9: Final Thoughts & Resource List

Picture of Final Thoughts & Resource List

I hope you had fun making this bag!

The techniques I've outlined here - Increasing, decreasing, and inlays - Can be used to make dozens of different projects. The other pictures here are just a few examples of things I have made using these techniques. If you can make this bag, you can make these!

Picture 1 - The Bag - Inlay, Circular Expansions, Decreases
Picture 2 - Standard Maille Coif - Circular Expansions
Picture 3 - Crest of Hyrule Wall Hanging - Inlay
Picture 4 - Hot Rod Flame Bikini - Expansions, Decreases, Inlay

And if this is your first chainmaille project, Congrats! I hope you're itching to make more. ^_^

Here are some resources to help out:
The Ring Lord - Supplier of rings. This is where I got the rings I used to make this project. There are lots of others (and with much lower shipping costs - The Ring Lord is in Canada) but I really like their color selection. I would also like to mention their forum. It's a great place to talk maille, show your work, and ask questions.
Ogre Rings - A Pittsburgh ring supplier, and great place to buy (by the POUND!) spring tempered stainless steel. But be warned - Spring temper fights back!
http://www.mailleartisans.org/ - THE place to go and learn about all things chainmaille! Weave library, ring fabrication articles, forums... Just go and join up.
Irregular Grid Painter - A free download that lets you paint on chainmaille-patterend graph paper. This is great for more complex inlays, and to test out what your image might look like before you make it. Although I usually just print out blank maille paper in the ring size I plan on using and draw out my pattern by hand. Still, a great program and super-handy for doing inlay work.
And of course, right here on Instructables! There's plenty of great maille resources here, just search "Chainmaille". ^_^

If you want to see more of my work, you can check out my deviantART page or my Online Shop/Blog.

Feel free to ask questions in the Comments section. I'll try to help out as best I can.

AiyannaH made it!11 days ago

Great little project! I found using pliers to be a bit clunky and irritating, so I just used my fingers. Admittedly, my fingers did need a little bit of a break once I was through with my bag! As you can see I went a little off pattern, mostly because the bags of rings I bought at the craft store had a lot of colors, and not quite enough of any of them to follow the triforce pattern. Still suitably geeky though, as you can see that is a DnD book under the bag in the first picture :)

One final note, I already had a friend ask me to make a bag for them. Considering how much these rings cost at Joann's I went looking for a cheaper source. RingLord is not bad, but American Chain Mail is a few dollars cheaper, and not a bad color selection either.

cryptex3 years ago
loving the bikini