Legend of Zelda Ocarina C-button Symbols


Introduction: Legend of Zelda Ocarina C-button Symbols

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I love Ocarina of Time. Loves it.

I decided to draw up the c-buttons in Inkscape and laser cut them. I tried making them bigger, I tried cutting out the triangle instead of etching it, too. Nothing looked quite as nice as the smaller c-buttons with etched triangles.

I have so many things I want to make with them. Right now, though, I am limited to making them look pretty in photos. I'll need a little more time, some clamps and a drill to get things really going. The original idea was to make song necklaces. Like a necklace of Epona's Song, and a necklace of Zelda's Lullaby.

I think they'd made excellent earrings as well!

I've included the file I used to cut them out if you'd like to make your own. And you definitely should.



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    Why is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in the background? Lol

    I used to keep forgetting how to play each song and then have to look it up. I need better button memory skills.
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    That's super annoying. I wrote LOL in huge letters but it deleted my spaces....

    Next time, use "." as a spacer on the inside. Most people will understand

    Ok, thanks

    You need to lasercut some A's though! How else would you relive Majora's Mask and time mastery?

    Sweet, Zelda's Lullaby. Feel free to glue that song to my desk.

    Yay Epona's Song! I used that one all of the time. Yay horsey!