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Introduction: Legendary Smoke Bomb

In this Instructable, I will show you how to make a Legendary Smoke Bomb, based on the recipe found here. If you have no idea on what are you doing, ask for help or don't do it. I won't take any responsibility for the injuries you may cause. There's also some fire hazard, so you better take some precautions. There will be some grammar mistakes around, I'm not a native speaker, sorry for those. Having said that, lets continue.

Step 1: What Do I Need?

OK. First you need to get all this stuff together before you start doing anything, you don't want to have this thing cooking and then realize that you are missing some "ingredients".
Here's what you need:
- Potassium Nitrate: there's always people asking where to buy this. All I can say is that I got mine from a garden shop. I just waltzed in asking for some potassium nitrate, and the vendor handed me these 1kg bag of pure KNO3. Yep, just like that. US $2.50 per bag. Fool around asking stuff like the dose for a big tree, or something like that.
- Sugar: some people says that frosting sugar works better. Haven't tried, because regular sugar works nice for me.
- Fuse: Visco security fuse. Use it. Got mine from a fireworks store at US $0.7 per meter. Gotta love my city.
- Paraffin: I just took a regular candle and used it. It worked well.
- Container: this will be the body of your grenade. I really recommend using something metallic, like a beer can or something similar. You see, I used this plastic bottle because it contained some industrial glue, so i couldn't reuse the bottle. Later, I will upload some picks using a can instead.
- Matches: You do want to burn something, don't you?
- Scale: I have this cheap one, but you could do better. Accuracy it's not critical, but it's desirable.
- Pan: You may consider getting your experiment-only pan. It's going to get some hard work, so use an old one.
- Stove: Everybody recommends using an electric stove and in a clear space, outside your house. I recommend that too, but since mine it's broken, I'll be doing this on a gas stove. Do this only if you know exactly what you are doing, and you can recognize the signs of incoming disaster.
- Common Sense: required for most things in life. A must when doing this kind of stuff.
- Basic Protection: some gloves and glasses are highly recommended. And an fire extinguisher, in case something goes wrong.

Here's the thing: crappy cellphone = crappy camera. Crappy camera = crappy picks and videos. No money = stuck with crappy cellphone. Will get a better one, I promise.

Step 2: Chop Chop.

Let's start with something easy. Take some matches and decapitate them. 5 or so will do. Why, you ask? well, these match heads will help to initialize the fire that will consume your smoke bomb. Keep them in a safe place, away from curious children.

Step 3: Measuring.

It's time to use that cheap scale. After you clean all the cobwebs and the dust, make sure it's still calibrated. If not, then do so.

You need to measure the following:
60 grams of KNO3.
40 grams of sugar.
40 grams of paraffin.
If you want to make a bigger batch, just make sure that you keep the ratio. Don't know how? well, for the KNO3/sugar mix it's 6/4, or 3/2. And for 10 parts of the KNO3/sugar mix, use 4 parts of paraffin. Math seems useful now, doesn't it?.

Put the KNO3 and the sugar in a bowl and mix it. It has o be very well mixed. Do it like me and put the stuff in a closed jar, and shake it, shake it, SHAKE IT!!!.

Step 4: Let's Do Some Cooking.

So far so good. Now it's time for serious business. This is what you have to do: heat the paraffin in the pan using a medium-high flame, stirring it with a spoon or something like that. you could take the wick out, but since it's going to burn anyways, I usually leave it there. Incline the pan so the wax stays in one place, it's easier to manage and it will help you for the next step. Don't let it overheat. As soon as it clarifies take the KNO3/sugar mix and....onto the next step!!!.

NOTE: funny thing, my mix looks red, while yours should look white. This is because silly me forgot to take out of the jar some red dye from a failed project. However, this won't affect the combustion, and certainly won't add color to the smoke, simply because the dye is burnt, instead of dispersed. Or something like that. Anyways, yours should be white.

Step 5: Some Assembly Required.

Now read carefully because you need to do this fast.
Away from the fire, you need to SLOWLY pour the KNO3/sugar on the still melted wax and mix it. You may want to ask for somebody else's help. Pour it from a low distance, you won't like the hot wax all over your hands. Or probably you do, but refrain yourself, just for this time. Make sure it's throughly mixed. Now, take your container and, using a disposable spoon, put the final mix in the container. Tap it to make sure it settles down. If some unused wax pools at the surface remove it with the spoon.

Time to use those match heads. Drop them in the mix, trying to keep them together, and in the center.

Cut the necessary amount of fuse. It should be long enough to cross the entire mix, and give you some time to run. Insert it making sure its as close as possible to the match heads and that it hits the bottom of your container.

Almost there.

All you gotta do is to close your container. How? in my case, using the plastic cap. But you could use duct tape or something similar. The trick it's to leave a small hole for the smoke (and the fuse) to get out.

That's it.
You're done. Just let it cool down. If you can't wait (like me :)) put it in the freezer to speed things up.

Step 6: Burn Baby, Burn.

Yay!!! time to get proud.
Light up this thing in a clear area. Preferentially without gossipy neighbors. To get an idea of what it could look like (if done correctly) here's a video.

As you can see, it was successful. Way to successful. My neighbors almost called the cops. So try to be careful.

Thank you for reading this stuff, feedback it's always welcome, specially on this, my first instructable. If you liked it, rate it and leave a comment. If you didn't liked it, rate it and leave a comment, anything that may help me to upgrade this thing, and to take references for future instructables.
Seeya next time!!!!.



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