Leggo Spinner Battles





Introduction: Leggo Spinner Battles

One boring day I was mucking around with Lego, then I had this idea.

Lego spinner battling is a spinning-top fight but with lego, spinner design and launch technique are the main elements of the game.

Step 1: The Parts

You will need-

* One of those + shaped rods

* Something big and round for a gyroscope

* Lego Wind-up motor (optional)

* Various evenly-balanced (can be spun without wobble) pieces for weapons.

* Some of those little spacers

* An opponent.

Step 2: Attatching the Gyroscope/flywheel

Get your + rod and attach it to your gyroscope as shown. Wheels are a good start.

Step 3: Choose Your Weapon...

It could be anything, as long as it is capable of doing damage.

Freely-spinning pieces can defend your momentum. In other words, they spin separately so that if they hit something and stop, the rest of the spinner wont!

Step 4: Launching

Use a wind up motor as shown, or if you don't have one, launch the spinner by hand. If you launch it by hand, put something on the rod to enhance grip.

Step 5: The Battlefield and the Rules

Now it's time to choose the battlefield, it must be round and curved towards a point. Dinner pates work great.

RULES- Players must launch at the same time, last to stop spinning wins! Players may blow at their spinners (nobody elses) with straws. But, if their straw touches a spinner, the player is disqualified.

Have fun :)



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    Gonna put this in my arcade.

    Gonna put this in my arcade.

    It is actuly pretty cool

    If you add a 1X1 cone to the bottom it spins a lot better and longer.

    now its no more boring wheel peices

    Woah, this is actually pretty cool! Sounds fun!


    I can see this working, have you got video?