Legitly Get Gold in Skyrim Without Doing Work.





Introduction: Legitly Get Gold in Skyrim Without Doing Work.

Things you'll need for this intractable:

A copy of Skyrim or the PC

A companion in the Skyrim

A copy of GlovePIE. It's free!!!

And the very simple script I wrote (in the download)…

Step 1: Background and Theory

This will somewhat legitly get you 3000 gold an hour. The idea here is that I was chopping wood myself to get a little extra cash. It was tedious and time consuming. I hate cheating so I wasn’t going to do it that way. So I thought well maybe I could write a program that would do it for me.

The reason why you need a companion is because when you chopped wood yourself it automatically centers the screen at eye level. There probably is a way to write a script in GlovePIE that would look down and chop the wood again, but that seemed complicated. I simplified it by having the companion and then giving them a command to chop wood. This makes it so all you have to do is tell the computer to press the E button every 33.5 seconds (the timeframe may be able to be reduced to somewhere between 33 seconds - 33.5 seconds). I used an arbitrary button that was not already used within the game the button B. B will turn on the script and turn it back off.

Step 2: How to Use It

Start GlovePIE before entering the game, load the script, and push run. Run Skyrim. The companion I have is Lydia but I'm sure any companion will work. Next go to somewhere with a wood chopping block, I go to the town of Riverwood, because you can sell the wood for the most amount of money. Pick one of the two different spots in Riverwood to chop wood. Following that, talk to your companion and give your companion an order. When you place the cursor over the wood chopping block it will either say one of two things wait or chop wood (either will work fine). Have your companion start chopping wood by pressing the button E on the chopping block, this will allow for the timing to be right because your companion takes longer to walk over to the chopping block. After they are finished with the first round of chopping, press the button B. If you hear a voice that says Chop your script is working correctly. This does not work if you have an Xbox 360 controller plugged in. Here is a video if you are confused on what to say to your companion 

Step 3: Selling the Wood

You talk to your companion and their wood should be in their inventory. If you are not near a store or a person that will buy your wood from you, don't get it from your companion. The wood will overburden you, and you will not be able to give it back to your companion. I sell all of my wood to Hod, you can find him at the sawmill in Riverwood at 2 PM. He will tell you how honest your work has been (so therefore it's not cheating).

Step 4: What Do I Do With My Free Time?

I personally did this so that I could do homework or wash the dishes but yet still play Skyrim. Multitasking isn't that what college is about? Go write an instructable why you are getting gold on Skyrim (you will need to use a different computer).



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    Alchemy is the way to go! Besides, I can make 3k in less than an hour just going through a couple dungeons.

    Botting is still cheating. And if you're going to bot, you could find a much more profitable script.

    You can still die wile this is running and it takes game time. So yeah I would say it was somewhat legit. Its like saying something made on a sewing machine Is hand made.

    This is a terrible pay out. Hell, you can craft and enchant Iron Daggers and it only takes 3 minutes to make 3k out of it (they sell for roughly 300-600g). Plus u can get better prices with speechcraft, daedric artifacts, and other enchantments/potions.

    Trouble from who?

    Just play the game rather than writing scripts. I have loads of gold and I don't know what to do with it. If you really must cheat like this, make it for something useful like blacksmithing or potion making. But really, just play the game.

    it's pointless why not just play the game and do work , why be lazy in a game if your lazy in real life? the game is for playing not modding.

    i agree, this is pointless. i you have to cheat, just use the console... however its stupid to spoil a great game like this.

    This is pointless. Since Skyrim is a singleplayer game it doesn't matter if you cheat and put over 9000 gold in your inventory.

    "Somewhat legitimate"?

    If you get caught using this, how much trouble will you get into?

    1 reply

    Nil. Skyrim is a single player game. As such, I haven't the foggiest idea why OP wants to write a script to cheat for him rather than just using a terminal command to dump a stack of gold in his lap.

    All it does is press an button on a timer so I don't think you can get into trouble doing it.