Introduction: Lego AK-74u

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So I noticed that even while I was gone, lots of people were still following me and commenting and stuff, so I decided to come back. But anyway, I made this gun, and it has to be one of the most detailed ones I have ever made.

Step 1: Folding Stock

Picture of Folding Stock

So the stock folds to the left, allowing you to still fire he weapon then it's folded.

Step 2: Magazine

Picture of Magazine

Not much to say here.

Step 3: Charging Handle and Fire Selector

Picture of Charging Handle and Fire Selector

The charging handle is rubber band-powered, as usual, but the fire selector doesn't catch onto the charging handle like it would on the real one.

Step 4: Sights

Picture of Sights

The sight for this are pretty spot on.

Step 5: Trigger

Picture of Trigger

Trigger works too.

Step 6: The Struggle

Picture of The Struggle

The hardest part of making this was to find out how to have the gun's top part slope, but still have the bolt be functional. But I figured it out.


Cubster (author)2015-08-26

awesome. is it AK-47? cause it looks like one (I've seen one in real life)

Super space ninja (author)2015-06-13

Check out my ak 47 and it will be better if you use my mechanism which makes the gun semi auto

Super space ninja (author)2015-06-13

Looks familiar

seamster (author)2015-06-12

Wow, this is an impressive build. Very cool!

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