Picture of Lego AK47
Have FUN making this gun....I did!  You can make it all one colour but you would have to have  a TON of lego.  Its more cool in multi!!  Cobra

Step 1: Stock

Picture of Stock
Here are some different angles to help you get started
Doc Penguin2 months ago

make something that looks like something to what your publishing

ccobra (author) 2 years ago
hi people thx for all of the views and plz comment :) XD :D
h88644 years ago
it sucks go here for an awesome version

ccobra (author)  h88644 years ago
i dont care what you think i gust what to do what i wont to do so go say that to some one els H8864 !

h8864 ccobra3 years ago
ccobra (author)  h88643 years ago
be quiet
make it work and make it black
ccobra (author)  mater nerf gun3 years ago
maybe i will
you should make this work like the real ak-47.
ccobra (author)  awesomelegoinventor4 years ago
i tried that and it did not work and i also wonted it to be a model for a display