Step 2: The base.

Picture of The base.
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Step 6.jpg
If you can't follow my wording, just look at the pics.

1. Get a 6x6 plate.

2. Attach the 1x2 wedges to the plate, with the slant facing toward each other on the edge of the 6x6 plate.

3. Place two 1x2 blocks behind the wedges in the opposite direction the wedges are in, on the edge of the plate.

4. Place the 1x6 brick behind the two 1x2 bricks, leaving 12 dots behind it.

5. Place a brick above both of the 1x4 bricks above the wedge, the 1x2 brick, and the edge of the 1x6 bricks.

6. Place a 1x1 brick on the 1x6 brick against the 1x4 brick on both sides. Place a 1x2 brick right behind the 2 spaces between the wedges.