** Failed: Compact Lego Air Tank (Prototype 1)




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Introduction: ** Failed: Compact Lego Air Tank (Prototype 1)

This is a very simple pressure air tank for lego pneumatics. I thought of this after I built a lego air pump and saw how expensive lego pneumatic parts were. It's made of a sauce container I got at a chinese restaurant, a T pneumatic junction, and glue. It isn't tested and I have no idea if it will blow up under pressure or not, but I think it will work for lower pressures. I will get back to this Instructable after I test it.

Be sure to check out the Instructable for the electric air pump.

Thanks for looking!

Step 1: Make It.

Get a container. Bore a little hole in the cover of the container. Insert the T connector pin into the hole and glue around it. Glue along the cover where it will contact the container. Make sure it is sealed. There you go! I recommend that you add a little bit of extra glue so the cover can stay on tighter.



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    It seems as though you used elmers glue/regular white glue. It might be better to use something like hot glue, gorilla glue or super glue.

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    Yea, i did, but i had to make a tight seal and i was afraid how glue would melt the container, so I stuck with elmers. I didn't have any other glue stuff. This was a prototype, so I will be making a better one in the future. Thanks for the thought though. I have a feeling the container would blow up anyway, the container is too weak. I will see if I can get my hands on another compact tank. I thought about using a plastic soup container though it's too big.

    you could try using an empty water bottle, the plastic they are made of is made to hold some pressure. Its not like you need alot of pressure for lego pneumatics do you? The good thing though is that if you do use a bottle it ends up being low-pressure/high volume so the air put into it for use in a series of lego pneumatics should last a while. Make a small hole in the cap and put the T like you have in this one except glue it on with hot glue (water bottle cap won't be affected much.) The reason I know about stuff like this is because I'm on the robotics team at my school and we use pneumatics. The pressure is limited to 60psi (by rules/regulations) and we can have a maximum of 4- 6inch (L) by 2inch (diameter) storage cylinders. (low pressure/high volume) (i'll be the team president/captain this upcoming school year since theres going to be 4 seniors, and only me and one other are the ones that contribute most, but I go to every single meeting so I'll probly end up being president/captain and the other guy will be co-president/captain)

    Water bottles are usually used for this sort of thing any way so I would say it would work.

    I also changed the title to "compact" tank + prototype 1.

    That's a pretty good idea, but there already is an Instructable for that and I was aiming for a "compact" air tank. I thought of using a medicine container, since it would have a child safe cap and be hard to open under pressure, just as a safety measure. I'll try that out later and test this when I get my pumps. It is a pretty good concept though, I had that idea at first, but didn't do an instructable since someone already made one.