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This is my new Lego Ak-47 and the begin of my new Lego series "Cs:Go lego offensive". Instructions are coming if 5 people ask me in comments for it, sry for my bad english im from germany


Lego Genius (author)2017-11-23


Master Wasi 47 (author)2014-11-06

Nice work! It really looks like a real ak but if you show us tutorial it would be much better. Keep up the nice work.

RetardUserName (author)2014-08-13


Super space ninja (author)2014-07-21

Good job

Legoperson195 (author)2014-03-27

Cool. Try to make it bigger.plzzzzzzzz make a tutorial

the computer no1 (author)2014-02-19

Instructions =}

lamp3345 (author)2014-02-12

Make tutorial

Maara (author)2014-01-26

Instructions please =)

Maara (author)2014-01-26

Instructions please =)

fasc23 (author)2014-01-22

Make a tutorial

DudePerson (author)2014-01-15


squid are taking over (author)2013-12-30

Plzzz give us Instructions plzzzZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

itsmehienz (author)2013-12-29

Must have instructions! This is amazing!!!

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