Picture of Lego Animation
Lego  animation  is  a fun and easy animation to make  you don't  need a lot of things to make  it  it takes a little bit of time but not a lot . I thought i could do something different . If you notice that all of my other instructables are different  .

Step 1: Matrials

Picture of Matrials
  1.  Camera
  2. Lego
  3. Computer

Step 2: How i made it

Picture of How i made it
How I made this Lego  animation well all I did was grab some Lego and think of a way  to animate it and  make a video. After I got the idea I  then animated it and it turned out OK  its simple and fast but it worked and got the job done .

 Now you can watch the video and enjoy

Step 3: The Movie

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How did you film it without getting your fingers in the way to move the pieces?

Multiple pictures played very fast makes a 'Moving Picture'. Take a picture, move the object, take a picture.