This is the revisit of my Assassin's Creed LEGO Hidden Blade, this version sports a slim design and lets be honest it makes the first one look like a wrist mounted shovel.

Step 1: Hidden Blade Base


Love this so much! I was able to make my own-the design allows a lot of freedom, whether you don't have a part or want to change a section. I managed to add a mini foldable crossbow to it's underside, sort of like a phantom blade.
<p>Awesome! I think i'm going to make a mini flip out crossbow with this design :)</p>
<p>cool :3</p>
Please visit my instructables! http://m.instructables.com/id/Assassins-creed-hidden-blade-10/ <br>by the way if I still had my Lego collection I would definitely build this. very nice build
<p>Can i get a list of all the items needed to build this. PLSPLSPLS</p>
what sets could I get these parts
<p>The style is so AWESOME!!!!!!</p>
<p>Cool idea!!!</p>
<p>thx for the instruction, now I have a prototype for a real hiddenblade ^^</p>
Done! Changed some things of the design and used 2 rubber bands for the blade to make it more powerful!
<p>Yeah, this looks epic. would you be able to post a parts list please?</p>
I don't have enough pieces:(
<p>You have everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>
Please visit my instruction!!! And leave a comment!!!
It's very beautiful
I built mine basically the same but with some minor safety modifications and a working fold-out pistol attachment.
Sounds cool, I'd love to see some pictures.
its actually knex
Actually &quot;9b4z1l&quot; is right it is made out of &quot;Technic Legos&quot;, I own no Knexs pieces.
Could you post materials by any chance?
Oh it's with Legos duh!
This look deadly!

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