Lego BBQ Grill





Introduction: Lego BBQ Grill

Welcome to my 16 instructable! This will teach you how to make a Lego BBQ Grill! This BBQ Grill suits a minifigure, has functional drawers and a realistic grill! This build can be a great addition to your Lego scenes and displays!

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Step 1: Pieces

Here is the list of all the Lego parts needed:
  1. Two 1 by 2 Bricks (White)
  2. Two 2 by 4 Bricks (White)
  3. Two 2 by 2 Bricks (White)
  4. One 4 by 6 Platform (White)
  5. One 2 by 3 Drawer (White)
  6. One 2 by 2 "Grill" (White)
  7. Two 1 by 2 Platforms (Lime)
  8. Twelve 1 by 2 Flat-Top Platforms (Lime)
  9. Two 1 by 2 Flat-Top "Grill Like" Platforms (Grey)
  10. Four 1 by 1 "Cones" (Red, Yellow, Orange and Purple)
  11. Four 1 by 1 Rounded Platforms (White Transparent)
  12. One 2 by 2 "Plate" (White Transparent)
  13. One 1 by 1 Rounded Platform (Black)
Note: Colors are optional.
(Picture provided for visual explanation.)

Step 2: Main Structure

In this step we will build the main structure. This will be the back of the grill and it will hold half of the grill top.

Step 3: Drawer and Grill

In this step we will add the drawer and the grill!

Step 4: Counter Top

In this step we will build the counter top!

Step 5: Finishing Touches

In this step we will add the decoration "Cone" Bottles.

Step 6: Conclution

I hope you enjoyed my lesson on how to make a Lego BBQ Grill! This instructable was planned for 2 months so if you enjoyed it I would much appreciate if you favorite it. Thank you for your time, and I hope I will see you in my next instructable!



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    I will give it shot! Literally xD. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Thank you! Glad you liked it :).

    I like it! Any plans to make a home/kitchen for this grill?

    I am planing on making many more minifigure sized builds, and yes, My next instructable just might be something related to that!

    have you heard of Mocpages because it is awesome for lego designers

    Yes i have, I am actually registered but I don't really like to post my creations there. Instructables is just the preference for me. Later on if I have more time I might start posting my tutorials there too!