Introduction: Lego Balisong (Butterfly Knife)

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This is a tutorial of how to make a lego butterfly knife that is safe to practice and fool around with.

This only takes about 5 minutes to assemble and is durable. The design may vary depending on what pieces you have. I've made many all which are different so play around with it and make what ever you can.

Me and my brother made these when we were younger (Like 5 years ago) from playing Team Fortress 2 and watching the Spy's cool tricks with it.

Step 1: Gather the Pieces

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For this you will need

~All parts are named after the ones in Lego Digital Designer

4 15m beams ---------------- 2 7m beams

7 3m O axles ---------------- 3 4m X axles ---------------- 1 2m X axle

2 4m Technic levers --------4 3m Technic levers -----1 Blade like piece (Can vary)

2 1/2 bushs ------------------ 1 module bush ------------- 2 t-beam w.plate 1/2

Step 2: The Handles

Picture of The Handles

For these assemble it using the order of the pictures.

Step 3: The Blade

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Step 4: Done!

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Now you have a cheap safe balisong to practice and have fun with.


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