It is 100% done and now it has: 2 new light, a lever for the 4 lights, a timer, and a on and off button to the machine

Step 1: The Lights

There are 4 lights in the front, 2 white, 2 red. The lever turns them on and off. I'm f the battery is off, then the lever turns off and can only be turned on again if the machine is on.

Step 2: The Timer

I have used a motor that can put at many different speeds, once turned on it spins, I still have to right on the numbers for the 30 seconds, the left spinner controls the speed it goes
<p>This lego basketball game looks fun!</p>
<p>we need to see it in action</p>
<p>you need directions man</p>
<p>Creative! I never thought of combining LEGO bricks and custom electronics. Looks really fun!</p>

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Bio: My name is Patrick and I'm 14 years old. Ever since I was 4 I picked up my first Lego brick and I was ... More »
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