This is the big sister from bioshock 2 in Lego hope you enjoy

Step 1:

These are all if the pieces you need

Step 4:

Use 4 std long black bar

Step 5:

Insert bar into side of brown angle brick

Step 7:

Insert t bar into blue thing

Step 8:

Insert blue thing into brown thing

Step 9:

Attach brown thing to body

Step 45:

In sorry I didn't add this black clip earlier but I kinda forgot about it

Step 46:

Attach black robot arm to pistol

Step 47:

Attach another brown robot arm to the first one using whatever you want to connect hem

Step 48:

Sorry for the blur my other camer is out of battery but attach another pistol and black robot arm to the black clip

Step 51: Finished!!!

It's big daddy not big sister

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