Introduction: Lego Boat Trailer

Picture of Lego Boat Trailer

Step 1: Truck

Picture of Truck

Make a truck out of lego

Step 2: Boat

Picture of Boat

You need a boat for this trailer

Step 3: Front of Truck

Picture of Front of Truck

Step 4: Trailer

Picture of Trailer

I made a trailer out of random pieces and u can make them out of any pieces you want

Step 5: Distance of Trailer

Picture of Distance of Trailer

Your trailer needs to be able to put your boat on there but leave an extra 10 little circle things Just in case

Step 6: Stable at the Bottom

Picture of Stable at the Bottom

Step 7: The Truck Must Carry the Trailer

Picture of The Truck Must Carry the Trailer

Step 8: Boat

Picture of Boat

Step 9: Boat/trailer

Picture of Boat/trailer

Step 10: Side of the Truck

Picture of Side of the Truck


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