Step 1: Gather Your Materials

1 Lego 4 by 2 big piece
1 Lego 4 by 2 small piece
Needle nose pliers

Step 2: Take Out the in Between Cylinders

Step 3: Done

Step 4: Fill Container

Step 5: Put on Lid

Blurry pics, but great idea!!!!
Yeah, you should probably pick a different color background next time. Notice how well the needle-nosed pliers stand out in your picture under step 1? Much better than the Lego pieces do.<br> <br> It is still a pretty good idea.&nbsp; I want to do some things like this for robotics (put light sensors, motors, etc. inside the boxes.)&nbsp; But to get them to still fit inside a Lego project, you will need to file/shave a bit off of the larger 2X4 piece before you put the bottom on.&nbsp; It needs to be the same size with the lid, as it is without the lid.&nbsp; Another possibility is for you to add additional &quot;lid&quot; pieces - I believe that it takes 3 or 4 of the flat pieces to equal the height of the original storage compartment brick.&nbsp; So, add the right number ( 2 or 3) of the small pieces (or a single additional larger brick, instead of the flat, smaller lid) and it will fit in to your art work (or whatever.)<br> <br> Nice write up.&nbsp; Thanks.
That's pretty cool
contrast taking pictures from a red object on a red background

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