So this is my business card holder for work I made with Legos. I had thought of doing this awhile back then discovered Lego actually sells a business card holder set, it's pretty cool, but why spend $15 when you can use just a (small) handful of Legos and make your own?

Making the business card holder itself is very easy, the paper clip holder requires a bit more work, but still not too bad. The magnetized paper clip holder idea i got from seawee65, with his "Expandable Lego Paperclip Holder", pretty much the same thing but just a bit more work. Hope you like it

(BTW my first instructable)

You will need:
Legos (duh)
Hard drive magnet, or other strong magnet.
Super glue
Cutter Pliers (or whatever to cut or break your magnet into pieces)
and Business Cards & paper clips to finish it!

Step 1: Building the Lego Walls..

This is the easy part, although all of this is pretty easy..

First get a flat piece that's either long enough to hold your business cards, or one a little longer to hold a paper clip holder like mine or whatever else you want, like a minifig. etc.

My flat piece is 16x6.

Next make the 'walls' for your cards to sit in between.
My back wall is 4 blocks high, and the front is only 1 block high.
I also added flat smooth pieces to  add extra support to the walls and a cooler look.

So if you want to stop there, then you have a Lego business card holder....but the paper clip part was the trickiest...
i would make the paper clip tower hollow and put a magnet in or 1 block thick t have a 2X2 space in legos
i had thought of doing something like that, but thought this would be easier.....also i'm not sure how good the bricks would stack if it was hollow.
well depending if you put things on it now there enough strength in it to hold i made the same thing you did with your instructions and then i changed up the tower with my hollow idea if you use a glue like super glue it works ok but if you want to make this on the fly. i think hollow will work ok
I actually made an instructable on something like that a while ago...
yea, I know.. I cited you like twice in my instructable. That's where I got the papaerclip part from..
Did it without the paper clips holder and did a pen holder instead. My Star Wars minifigure looms if anyone steals a pen. Thanks for the inspiration.
haha nice!
You nerd!!!! lol ;) Bravo!
I prefer the term "geek" haha, thanks! :)

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