Introduction: Lego C.O.C. Army Camp Lv 5

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Hey guys I'll show you how to make a Clash of clans army camp lv 5! Please be sure to vote for me in the Lego building contest. Find Wolf bro 109 and please vote for any of my clash of clans creations.

Step 1: Pieces! :-)

Picture of Pieces! :-)

here are all the pieces needed! on to the next step!

Step 2: Base!

Picture of Base!

here is the base!

Step 3: Fire Fire Fireeeeeee!!!!!!

Picture of Fire Fire Fireeeeeee!!!!!!

here's how to make the fire :-)

Step 4: Makin' the Pig!

Picture of Makin' the Pig!

makin the pig the goes over the fire!

Step 5: Make the Posts!

Picture of Make the Posts!

how to build the posts!

Step 6: Last Step, Put the Pig!!

Picture of Last Step, Put the Pig!!

just put the pig onto the black peg!

Step 7: Results!

Picture of Results!

there you have a lv 5 army camp! remember to vote! later!


Wolf bro 109 (author)2014-08-20

thanx woogs!

woogs1765 (author)2014-08-20

Hey wolf bro! Awesome modle! Glad to see your first instructable!

squidcraft (author)2014-08-06


squidcraft (author)squidcraft2014-08-06


squidcraft (author)2014-08-06


squidcraft (author)2014-08-06


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