Making Lego cake has been one of my crazy ideas to realize. Given the opportunity of my husband's 34th birthday (also the fact that he is called "Lego-man" at his office), I did it!!

Making process:
"Lego Ruler" was created by MS Word, printed out and stored in a clear file
Straws were stolen from McDonald's. They were handy to make a bone structure of the number figure in light weight. 
Straws also could mass-produce Lego-dots.
The doll figure was a hybrid of Lego-doll and my husband.

Time to prepare: 12 hours
Total cost: 8.5 Pounds (Regalice and ingredients for base sponge cake)

<p>ok tuckee what</p>
<p>hey hey hey!</p>
<p>hey tuckee</p>
<p>wow cool</p>
<p>sadly it does not stack on lego </p>
you are so awesome i cant do that no matter how much time you give me &lt;3 rawr !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12 hours...that is HALF DAY! Wow, you are really devoted wife! I can imagine how happy your husband was:) Truly, a masterpiece for me you have created and if my son sees it he will go crazy:) <br><a href="http://www.cheapholidays.org/page-last-minute-holidays" rel="nofollow">Last Minute Offers</a> <br>
splendid!!!.....looks amazingly awesome!!!. :D<br>
Very Clever!!!!
This is awesome! I especially love the stacked LEGO you have sticking up from the cake!
Thank you! Cutting out the &quot;LEGO-logo&quot; was the most exciting moment in the entire process!!
Really awesome cake!
Thank you!!

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