A lego cake is a great way to celebrate mother's day, birthdays, game themed parties and much much more!  I will explain how you can create this fun cake yourself!

Step 1: Materials Needed

You can create a cake from scratch or use your favorite mix.  Sometimes I like to jut make it easy on myself and Pillsbury is my friend.  Bake the cake to the package directions in a 11 X 15 pan, make as many blocks as you like.

You will need large marshmallows (I am a fan of Jet Puff by craft) 

Frosting (I make my own butter cream but you can use a store brand)

Food Dye to create your Lego color

Piping Bag and Tips

That is really creative and so simple to do! And looks delicious!
Thank you, it is pretty easy! You should give it a try!
YUM!!! I've never used a piping bag is it hard? If you did a larger cake could you use cupcakes as the top pieces? This is a great idea and I would love to make this for my mother for mother's day, she would get a kick out of it! Great 'able!
No, it's not hard at all, if you are nervous you can practice on a sheet of paper before trying the cake. Yes, I think you could use a cup cake, I would cut the top off even so the pegs on the Lego are uniformed. Thanks for the comment!

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Bio: I'm a kindergarten teacher who loves to bake!
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