Introduction: Lego Candy Machine Mechanism

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this is a lego gumball machine. I will show how the mechanism works. You can use the mechanism in your own gumball machines.

Step 1: Just Showing the Button

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Pretty much the way this machine works is: once you put in a quarter and push the button, a gumball comes out, and the quarter drops into a coin bank.

Step 2: Showing How It Works With 3 Pictures. (and Lots of Words)

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The big thing of flat tiles is a container to hold the gumball. It has a platform of flat tiles under it, so it slides freely. There is a brick hanging down. When you push the button without a coin, nothing happens. When you push it with the coin, it extends the reach of the button. This slides the quarter into a coin bank, at the same time pushing the hanging down brick. This moves the whole apparatus, and pulls the gumball over a hole. The gumball falls down onto a ramp, and the ramp pushes the gumball out the front. This was probably very confusing.


silverplato11 (author)2015-12-13

how do you build it?cool though

I love it!

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