Introduction: Lego Car/truck

Picture of Lego Car/truck

Step 1: What U Need

Picture of What U Need

What's will need is on the picture I don't really know how to explain what u need

Step 2: Wheels

Picture of Wheels

Get one of the gray peices and start adding the wheels

Step 3: Keep Adding

Picture of Keep Adding

Keep adding peices to the car

Step 4: Steering Wheel

Picture of Steering Wheel

Add the small gray peice then the steering wheel
Add the clear peice
Then the other yellow peice
Then the white pieces
Then add the final peice the tan peice

Step 5: Donnnnnne!!!

Picture of Donnnnnne!!!

You have finished your car/truck
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Nice little car :)

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Bio: Very crafty, I play minecraft!!!
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