Step 8: Fire!

Put the bullet in the black end of the firing arm. to fire, just pull the arm down, lower for farther distance. Due to the support, the catapult will not collape if you pull too hard. Please post to tell me how your's works. I havent measured how far it flys yet, but it sure hurts from 10 ft away. That black rod holding the arm in place is optional, can be used as trigger for it.

Sorry for any spelling atrocities. I was a bit tired when i typed this...
<p>I think it is very cool :-)</p>
wow this is really good!! i put a couple of tweaks on it and it fires up to 20 meters!!
pretty awesome<br>
What size are the crosspieces
reely cool
Hey Thanks so mucck this catapult is awesome (espesaly on my sister) lol so thanks so much mate
nice i've been wanting to build a small catapault (ofiice size) to to play around with and i still have my old legos so this works great!!<br /> awesome idea post some more instructables i'd love to see them!
Pretty cool 4.5*

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