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Introduction: Lego Chell Minifigure From Portal

So I was on the internet a while ago, and I was looking at lego portal scenes and minifigures.  Whenever there was a Chell minifigure she often didn't have the leg supports, or the portal gun didn't even look too good.  So I got ideas from many builders and combined them together into one minifigure.  So all you portal fans, here is an accurate Chell minifigure with true leg supports and a realistic looking portal gun.   

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Step 1: Supplies

Well, you are going to have to rip apart all the black hands off of those minifigures.
You are going to need:
 (1) black hair
 (1) girl face
 (1) orange chest
 (1) orange pants
 (2) cylinder-looking white pieces
 (2) orange dots (or 1x1 orange square)
 (2) black robot claws
 (1) translucent orange dot
 (1) translucent blue dot
 (2) "T" pipes
 (8) black hands


Step 2: Assemble Jumpsuit and Head

Well, I don't think you need instructions on this part.  Just assemble the main body of Chell with the torso, chest, hair and head.

If there is something printed on chest, just sand it off with 600 (or higher) grit sandpaper.  That is what I had to do.

Step 3: Leg Supports

Now get the two orange dots (or 1x1 orange squares) and put them on the bottom of her feet.  Next get two of the black hands and put them on the last dot on both legs.  If you don't know what I mean, look at the picture. 

Step 4: Portal Gun Part One

Now get your "T" pipe and attach the black robot claw to the pipe.  (see picture)  Next add the black hands to the sides of the "T" and on the claw.  Angle them like a real portal gun.

Step 5: Portal Gun Part Two

Now get the white cylinder part and put the previous step on the top.  (Sorry, look at the picture for clarification.)  Now get the translucent blue or orange dot and put it in the claw looking part of the portal gun.  Now do step 4 and 5 again for the second portal gun for the other translucent dot.

Step 6: Assemble!

Put the bottom of the portal gun on Chell's right hand.  Congratulations!  You made a Chell minifigure!  Please vote for me in the contest.  Please tell your friends to view and vote on it too!



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    Also could u post one with no black hands as I have none. Thx

    This is surprisingly well done. I also made a stand for the gun, but have no camera, so I can't show it.

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    and believe me I am STILL ALIVE

    on the pepole who are STILL ALIVE

    I feel fantastic an i'm STILL ALIVE

    yeah this will make NO sense at all. im going to try again, this time, just plaint reply with the next verse.

    i feel fantastic and i'm STILL ALIVE

    I think you can only get the blue flames from a very old harry potter set. I have seen them before. But they are very rare.

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    THE CAKE IS A LIE!! btw, love the minifigure!


    since no one has started the Portal song (Still Alive) I would like to say this: I will begin it with the last line, so the next person should do the verse before the last.

    still alive

    still alive

    Oh, I have. I made an orange portal from orange fire pieces, but I didn't have any blue flame pieces. Please vote and rate! (also tell your friends to vote on me!)