Step 4: Portal Gun Part One

Now get your "T" pipe and attach the black robot claw to the pipe.  (see picture)  Next add the black hands to the sides of the "T" and on the claw.  Angle them like a real portal gun.
Good minifig and leg supports but gun could be fixed 4* <br>
Also could u post one with no black hands as I have none. Thx <br>
This is surprisingly well done. I also made a stand for the gun, but have no camera, so I can't show it.
i love it epic <br>
THE CAKE IS A LIE!! btw, love the minifigure!
This was a triumph<br><br>I'm making a note here: Huge Success
I now figure out the main person in portal is a girl. <br> <br> <br> ._.
since no one has started the Portal song (Still Alive) I would like to say this: I will begin it with the last line, so the next person should do the verse before the last.<br>HERE GOES!<br><br>still alive<br><br>still alive

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