Have you ever wanted to make chicken with clothes on out of legos? Well I'm going to show you how to do it.It's really simple if you just work hard.Well I hope you enjoy making a chicken with clothes on!

Step 1: The Blue Shoes

get two 4 by 4 blocks.

Step 2: The Bottom of the Pants

connect the bridge lego to the blocks

Step 3: The Top of the Pants

add some yellow blocks over the bridge

Step 4: The Shirt

add a lot of blue legos and some arms to the legs

Step 5: Part of the Head

add a 4 by 4 lego and a two 2 by 2 legos stacked on top of each other

Step 6: The Whole Thing Finished

and now add a small skinny lego and a 2 by 2 lego and it is now finished

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