Lego Christmas Lights

Picture of Lego Christmas Lights
Do you want to give your Lego Home a Start to the Holiday season? Get A Lego Fiber Optic Unit,Motor,Battery pack,wires, 1x16 Beam.
I hope you will like the Extra Touch!
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Step 1: Get all the Pieces

Get the Battery pack or power source. The power Source can be mainly A RCX Brick,Battery Box. This will produce the Light!As well as move the Motor

Step 2: Then Get the Light and motor

This step is when you get the Fiber Optic unit And Motor.
Put the Axle of the motor into the side of the Fiber optic unit and connect the wires to the motor , Fiber optic unit(FOS)
and , in this case, One RCX Motor port.
led235 (author) 6 years ago
I would suggest lego education) would have some parts. I got my FOS at I got it for a low price. the shipping takes a while. worth it. I think you can modify the LED inside to change the colors, like blue. thanks 4 the comment!
led235 (author)  led2353 years ago
just an update on bricklink, the founder died. god bless him
Very cool. if i still used rcx, i would do this right now!
led235 (author)  jeffconnelly6 years ago
The RCX is only used for a power supply. No programming needed!!
Dexter3396 years ago
this is very clever and if i had the pieces i would try it
led235 (author) 6 years ago
This is my first Instructable, please comment!

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