Do you want to give your Lego Home a Start to the Holiday season? Get A Lego Fiber Optic Unit,Motor,Battery pack,wires, 1x16 Beam.
I hope you will like the Extra Touch!

Step 1: Get All the Pieces

Get the Battery pack or power source. The power Source can be mainly A RCX Brick,Battery Box. This will produce the Light!As well as move the Motor
<p>Just to be clear to make this project I need:</p><p>Lego part <a href="http://www.bricklink.com/catalogItem.asp?P=6637" rel="nofollow">6637</a> a Lego Fiber Optics Element<br>A Lego Motor ::Which one? 8203 the Power Functions motor set? the L motor? Train Motor? Any motor. I can't find one that looks like yours::</p><p>An RCX brick...maybe? :: If it's only used for power can I just use a Lego battery pack??? How much power do I need, can I attach multiple Lego Fiber Optic Elements in a series or daisy chain connection if I have to much voltage?::</p><p>Any Lego Fiber Opics Cable...maybe??<br></p><p>Lego wire... maybe the extension wire Part 8886? but it doesn't look like it...</p><p>Pegs and Beam... actually easy to find on the Lego site so that's fine</p><p>For someone with out a box full of random Lego components this Instructable doesn't have enough information for me to obtain the parts. Which sucks cause it's a REALLY cool idea. <br><br>Can you go back. Make a list of parts (with part numbers or official part names) needed to make this? Then list parts that can be subsituted? Like<br><br>Parts needed:<br>Power Soure (RCX or LEGO Battery pack with ##volt output)</p><p>Motor (L motor part #### will work or Motor #### will work)<br><br>So on and so forth. <br><br>Please? This is really cool. Thanks!<br></p>
I would suggest www.pldstore.com.( lego education) would have some parts. I got my FOS at www.bricklink.com I got it for a low price. the shipping takes a while. worth it. I think you can modify the LED inside to change the colors, like blue. thanks 4 the comment!
just an update on bricklink, the founder died. god bless him
Very cool. if i still used rcx, i would do this right now!
The RCX is only used for a power supply. No programming needed!!
this is very clever and if i had the pieces i would try it
This is my first Instructable, please comment!

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