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Round shapes out of rectangular parts? Seems a little crazy but you can make one of these bad boys for yourself with normal 1x2s and basic building skills. Impress others or use as a wall decoration.

This circle is made out of standard rectangular Lego bricks. When enough bricks are stacked together they start to bend a bit and eventually you can complete a full circle. 

Though smaller circles can be made, making one with 100 bricks per layer doesn't put too much stress on the bricks. I always use 3 layers of bricks because they hold better and have a lesser chance of exploding all over the room. 

Step 1: Parts

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You will need:
-150 black 1x2s
-150 white 1x2s

Of course you can use any color combination that you like. You can even go "rainbow warrior" and just use whatever colors are available. As long as you can gather 300 1x2s, you're good. 

Step 2:

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Stack 3 of the white bricks as shown. Repeat 49 more times. Now stack 3 of the black bricks and repeat 49 more times.  The goal here is to have 50 sets of stairs in white and 50 sets of stairs in black.

Step 3:

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Now join together the stacks, alternating black and white stacks. 

Step 4:

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Continue joining the stacks until you have a strip of all 100 stacks. 

Step 5:

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Bring the two ends together. The bricks will naturally curve into the circle shape. Join the two end pieces together. 

Try experimenting with different patterns and sizes. 

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Be sure to follow so you don't miss out on other shapes! 


kenyer (author)2013-06-29

I've made it in to a lamp. (about 700 bricks)

bevishobbs (author)kenyer2017-05-22


Lingon1 (author)kenyer2015-10-31

how do you hang it up from the ceiling?

kenyer (author)Lingon12015-10-31

I used an old 1x2 technic brick with a hole in it and put a thick metal wire through it. You might just be able to see it on the picture.

sherrycayheyhey (author)kenyer2013-07-01


WOW. That looks awesome and I want to make one too!

How did you take it from a circle to a lampshade? Looks like you maybe drilled some piece to have the wire through. Did you glue any pieces together?

kenyer (author)sherrycayheyhey2013-07-01

I used the (old) LEGO technic 1x2 bricks that already have a hole in them. The frame is made from a aluminum rod. (but I think paracord might also work) No glue is used but it might be smart to use some glue. Time will tell.

sherrycayheyhey (author)kenyer2013-07-02

Love it! I don't like to drill or glue LEGO pieces since I prefer the 'purist' building style. I really like that you worked within the constraints of the bricks without having to modify any. AWESOME!

kenyer (author)sherrycayheyhey2014-09-21

Well after one year it still didn't explode in separate bricks again, so it works fine without any glue!

bevishobbs (author)2017-05-22

Where do you get the bent bricks from?

Darknessblade. (author)2015-08-13

would be fun to create a lego particle acelerator out of this.

would be a ton of 1x2 lego bricks needed for it

GoldCivetta (author)2015-03-02

I find that at 100 bricks long, its a little floppy, so use about a 60-70 brick long strip.

abrucker2 (author)2011-12-06

Sherry, have you checked out yet?

GoldCivetta (author)abrucker22015-02-10

you have introduced me to brick bending. an order of 300 1x2s is on the way to my house now!

Adum24 (author)2012-12-16

But...but...its physically impossible!!!! JK great job!!

criggie (author)2011-12-13

We did this with Duplo blocks and made a tower like this, but 10 rows high...  not sure if it would hold with smaller lego ones.

sherrycayheyhey (author)criggie2011-12-19

AH! I can tell you that it does indeed hold with smaller ones... that is one of my upcoming projects! That is so funny :) I haven't written it yet but I have all steps and photos set up on an unpublished Instructable. It's pretty cool seeing it done in Duplo though. Are you planning on writing up an Instructable on it too or am I safe haha?

criggie (author)sherrycayheyhey2011-12-19

No I'mnot, so go for it - publish your work.
I just wanted to show that traditional lego encourages rectilinear thinking.

sherrycayheyhey (author)criggie2011-12-19

Ok, great! Just wanted to check so I didn't step on any toes.

CrLz (author)sherrycayheyhey2012-04-26

That duplo-ring is pretty neat! Really holds up to compression, although ends want to crumble off. Had fun putting that idea together. Only prob is after ~10 levels, it starts to want to shrink in radius. Feels like a block won't line up. Need to gently spread the cylinder. Probably why the ends crumble so well. Photographs brilliantly.

willannison (author)2011-12-20

this is great you have inspired me to get the lego out from the loft. unfortunately i don't have anywhere near enough 1x2 lego to attempt this but i do have the motherload of duplo so not to be put off i produced this... circle of duplo 2x2 blocks 2 high.

blossom9283 (author)2011-12-18

Do you know the diameter of the circle (i'm thinking Hula Hoop)

Haha great idea, so fun. I don't have any numbers for you but it's a good say. I'm going to guess that most adults (even the more rotund ones) would be able to fit this around themselves. I think you should try it but I don't know if hula hooping would work out because of the weight of the bricks.

yea im was more worried of once the hoop falls will it collapse but hey its worth a try

That was another thing. Play around with different sizes though, a smaller one will be under more pressure but will create a more rigid hoop while a bigger one (like the 100 per layer) will offer more hula space but may not keep it's shape good enough. If you do it and are successful please capture and share on video :)

If it's successful I will post but I need bricks so I'm going to chk ebay

elizle (author)2011-12-04

You could use Megabloks and make a Halo ring and then have your Megabloks Master Chief blow it up!

sherrycayheyhey (author)elizle2011-12-05

Don't talk to me about the "M" word...

elizle (author)sherrycayheyhey2011-12-05

lol, I have to because Lego doesn't make Halo stuff.

sherrycayheyhey (author)elizle2011-12-06 could make Halo stuff out of Lego :)

NightElectric (author)2011-12-04

Square blocks... round circle....


*head explodes*

greybunny (author)NightElectric2011-12-05

Well, technically it's rectangular blocks :)

rectangular prism blocks...with short cylinders :)

simplifiedbuilding (author)2011-12-05

Nice work.. kids loved building this one.. even searching for the 300 legos it took to build

I LOVE IT! This made my day! Thank you for sharing, it's great to see someone use an Instructable that I made.

Tell the kids to keep those bricks out because I have some exciting upcoming designs.

Yeah we already built the triangle type ones that I saw today. Your projects are excellent.. keep it coming and we'll keep building!

You seriously have no idea how cool that is to me. Thank you so much :)

lambsb (author)2011-12-04

Hmm... Lets see, if you used 100 bricks per layer, every 25'th brick in the center layer could be a 1x2 corner brick, allowing the corner peg to protrude into the center of the circle, therefore leaving a brick to attach 4 spokes onto to create a hub for a wheel....... Very cool, shopping on brick-link for bricks now...

sherrycayheyhey (author)lambsb2011-12-04

Cool idea using the corner piece. I was thinking of using a 2x4 brick as the anchor but that would give a 2-stud wide axel. If you make it I would love to see pictures. I have a few circle shapes that have stuff going on in them but no crossing axels like you're talking about so that will be really interesting to see.

sherrycayheyhey (author)2011-12-04

Haha ok, you're right there is a little bit of give that makes this possible. Just didn't want the good name of Lego sullied :)

m_68 (author)2011-12-04

Now that's really great. How durable is it? What do you think if I made one, it could hold some weight by a center axle without collapsing? I'm thinking about 3 or 4 Newton of weight.

sherrycayheyhey (author)m_682011-12-04

Well the black/white one that uses 100 bricks in each level probably wouldn't. It is strong and stable but it you stand it on its side it will sag due to its own weight. Now the smaller lime green one that I made that uses 75 bricks per level retains it's shape when stood up. Try experimenting with the sizes but you shouldn't have any problem because they are very sturdy.

m_68 (author)sherrycayheyhey2011-12-04

Thanks. I'm thinking in usage as wheels, but I they must tilt. I give them a try. Thank you for the idea!!!

bparent (author)2011-12-04

You said "50 sets of stairs in white" twice and missed the black ones :-)

sherrycayheyhey (author)bparent2011-12-04

Good catch! Thanks :)

a4great (author)2011-12-04

Nice work! now someone make a car that has wheels like this...

ryanmercer (author)2011-12-04

That is fantastic!

merijnvw (author)2011-12-04

nice idea! and after you keep them this way for a while don't they all get stretched out a little bit just like old pieces so they don't interlock perfectly anymore making them useless?

juaninse (author)merijnvw2011-12-04

They shouldn't. The pieces themselves don't get bent. You're just taking advantage of the "play" between the pieces. They are all rotated just a little bit from each other. You cannot make tight circles. And of course, this will only work with the 1x2 pieces. Any other piece would constraint you on two points which would eliminate your ability to rotate the pieces ever so slightly (those would have to bend to give you any kind of round shape).

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