Round shapes out of rectangular parts? Seems a little crazy but you can make one of these bad boys for yourself with normal 1x2s and basic building skills. Impress others or use as a wall decoration.

This circle is made out of standard rectangular Lego bricks. When enough bricks are stacked together they start to bend a bit and eventually you can complete a full circle. 

Though smaller circles can be made, making one with 100 bricks per layer doesn't put too much stress on the bricks. I always use 3 layers of bricks because they hold better and have a lesser chance of exploding all over the room. 

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Step 1: Parts

You will need:
-150 black 1x2s
-150 white 1x2s

Of course you can use any color combination that you like. You can even go "rainbow warrior" and just use whatever colors are available. As long as you can gather 300 1x2s, you're good. 

Step 2:

Stack 3 of the white bricks as shown. Repeat 49 more times. Now stack 3 of the black bricks and repeat 49 more times.  The goal here is to have 50 sets of stairs in white and 50 sets of stairs in black.

Step 3:

Picture of
Now join together the stacks, alternating black and white stacks. 

Step 4:

Picture of
Continue joining the stacks until you have a strip of all 100 stacks. 

Step 5:

Bring the two ends together. The bricks will naturally curve into the circle shape. Join the two end pieces together. 

Try experimenting with different patterns and sizes. 

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Be sure to follow so you don't miss out on other shapes!